Incident Response

Security incidents and losses are on the rise, yet many organizations struggle with an execution to diagnose and handle a security breach. While you can’t prevent every possible incident, our Detection, Hunting and Response team can help you to respond quickly and minimize damage and downtime when attacks and exploits occur. We take a proven and comprehensive and proactive approach to help you protect, detect, correct, and adapt.

Our Incident Response services provide remote and on-site investigation to help organizations effectively respond to security threats and incidents, mitigate their impact and quickly restore business as usual. Every incident is different in vector, scope, and impact, with unique legal, regulatory, and industry requirements, it’s vital to engage the right trusted security partner in security to help respond and tailor the appropriate response strategy. With a direct correlation between time to respond and incident costs. This is where iSecurity has the depth in knowledge, proven experience as we have forced attackers out of many organizations and expertise in helping you manage the security breach.

Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics

Emergency Cyber Incident Response & Forensics Services

A security breach is a disruptive event, especially if you don’t have the capabilities to investigate and determine the scope of the problem. Our Cyber Security Incident Response Team is ready to be engaged on an Emergency notice. Staffed with the best and most experienced IR talent in the business, we respond immediately and help you through your crisis. We have developed our own processes and also leverage industry tools to perform Incident Response activity.

Our Approach & Methodology

Situational Awareness – Collection The first phase in the process is to identify, label, record, and acquire data from the possible sources of relevant data, while following guidelines and procedures that preserve the integrity of the data. Collection is typically performed in a timely manner because of the likelihood of losing dynamic data such as current network connections, as well as losing data from battery-powered devices. We also take this opportunity to understand the network, identify all possible Internet connection.
Forensics Analysis – Examination Examinations involve forensically processing large amounts of collected data using a combination of automated and manual methods to assess and extract data of particular interest, while preserving the integrity of the data.
Tactical Remediation & Management Direction – Containment Once the Indicator of Compromise (IOC) are understood, we stop the bleeding and work with the internal IT team to ensure all possible paths of attacks are closed off.  The objective is to gain control and during this phase we take control of the network.  During this phase we brief the management team and help them with critical decision making process to manage the business need versus incident at hand.
Investigation Output – Reporting We provide a detailed investigative report for each engagement that addresses the needs of multiple audiences, including senior management, technical staff, third party regulators, insurers, and litigators. During this phase we also provide the results of the analysis, which may include describing the actions used, explaining how tools and procedures were selected, determining what other actions need to be performed and providing recommendations for improvement to policies, guidelines, procedures, tools, and other aspects of the forensic process.