The need for cybersecurity education and validation has never been greater. With the human error of employees being a top reason for data breaches, raising awareness – and validating the strength of this awareness – is a key layer in protecting your organization. We offer online and in-person training to keep your defenses up.

BeCyberSecure Training Platform           

Our very-own BeCyberSecure proprietary platform offers comprehensive cybersecurity awareness programs. Online training is delivered through a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) with both out-of-the box and customized modules. Users will be directed to a dedicated organizational log in page to access the modules, lessons or topics designed to suit their industry-specific cybersecurity learning needs.

Visit: becybersecure.ca

Online cybersecurity training can be fortified through internal office campaigns and posters promoting training themes.


Social Engineering Validation

An additional technique used to validate your employees’ readiness in the face of manipulation from external threats. We create custom social engineering validation products and deploy them to mimic threat agents attempting to collect and exploit personal or organizational data from your workforce. These include:

  • Phishing Simulation Security Tests (PSST) – Email campaigns

Table-Top Exercises

In-person training that simulates real-life cybersecurity attack scenarios, delivered through custom designed incident response (IR) playbooks for all tiers of an organization.

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